Lady of Copper

Lady of CopperBring history to life with…
Lady of Copper
…the musical story of the Statue of Liberty and Immigration.
By Dana Leslie Goldstein, Jon Goldstein and Robert Bruce McIntosh

“Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

When Miss Liberty arrives as a gift from France to the American people, her creator, Frederic Bartholdi, tells her that it is up to the Americans to build a base for her to stand on. She enlists the aid of Emma Lazarus, a young poet, and together they encounter a diverse collection of American citizens, from newly arrived immigrants and former slaves to famous newspaper mogul Joseph Pulitzer and President Grover Cleveland. Together, Emma and Miss Liberty compose the poem which will unite the people of America and help them to see the common dreams they share.

Geared for students in grades K-6, this fun and educational theater piece is a perfect addition to an American history curriculum and complements the New York State learning standards in social studies. With songs about cooperation, freedom and cultural diversity, Lady of Copper celebrates the role of immigrants in American history.

Production Details

Age Range: Lady of Copper is geared for students in grades K-6.
Running time: 50 minutes

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Key Educational Concepts
American History
Diversity Awareness
Black History

What People Are Saying

“Lady of Copper was truly an inspirational, exciting, educational experience for our students. It brought history, art, music and drama together to form a spellbinding and thoroughly enjoyable walk through our past.”
-School Principal

“Even though we studied immigration I learned more from you.”
-5th grade student

“It’s a wonderful piece, packed with a lot of information told in a very theatrical way. Three teachers came up to me afterwards saying that this was the best school presentation they’d seen in 10 years. Two first grade teachers told me that there was something accessible for all the ages of the school (k-4th grade). ”
-Elementary School Music Teacher

“This is the best Arts-in-Ed. assembly we have ever had.”
-Arts Coordinator

“Wonderful performance !!! I would love to see them again next year.”
-4th Grade Teacher

“This was an excellent performance with educational value as well as entertainment value.”
-4th Grade Teacher

“That was the best assembly I have ever seen !!! Do you have immigrants in your family? I do. My great aunt Sarah. She is from Poland. I really liked the Statue of Liberty part.”
-5th Grade Student

“This was an extremely well produced and performed assembly. Our 4th grade trip is to Ellis Island. This show was so apropos. Great music! Can’t say enough.”
-4th Grade Teacher

“One of my favorite parts is when the lights went out and the torch lit up it was so cool. When you talked about slavery it was sad. I really liked the poem it was beautiful.”
-5th Grade Student

“That was amazing! That was the coolest thing I ever saw!”
-5th Grade Student